Analytics accelerates into the mainstream

When analytics are mainstream in your business, will you be ready? Learn why strategic users should leverage analytics to achieve and sustain momentum across all departments and functions in an organization.

This study surveyed a diverse cross-section of business professionals about their analytics deployment and strategy. It examines the trends in analytics, the usage of data in multiple departments and the need for investment in the future.

Key findings:

  • The move to data-driven insights is being forced by continued business reliance on technology and automation throughout the enterprise. The growth in digital technologies is driving the ability to analyze more data.
  • Analytics has very high, cross-functional adoption across the entire enterprise in a best-in-class organization. 
  • Senior executives understand the need to invest in the people, processes and technologies that empower insight-based decision making to keep pace with their peers and competitors.
  • Of those surveyed across business functions, 27 per cent cited skills gap as a major obstacle to their current data and analytics efforts. More than half of the organizations use outside partners for some or all of their analytics needs.
  • When exploring respondents’ value perceptions in advanced analytics use cases, emerging analytics categories such as geolocation, cyber security and the Internet of Things all scored well. Also, 33 per cent expressed interest in responsible business analytics covering key areas, including human trafficking and sustainability.
  • While enterprises have spent billions to address infrastructure, workflow and transactional frameworks, many have not scaled their analytics solutions to derive insights and actions from the onslaught of data.