Gen Z optimistic about future

While Millennials are often the most discussed generation in accounting today, Generation Z are already beginning to take over internships and jobs. New data reveals they have a lot to look forward to.

According to an EY survey report, Generation Z is driven, passionate and open-minded. They also place a strong emphasis on flexibility and opportunities for growth.

Key findings

New technologies will enhance job satisfaction and productivity

  • Three-quarters of respondents (76 per cent) agree that new technologies will evolve the nature of work that they do.
  • Two-thirds (66 per cent) believe that these new technologies will enable them to increase their productivity.
  • More than half think it will allow them to focus on more interesting and “value added” work.

Gen Z has the most inclusive mindset to date

  • Over three-quarters of respondents (84 per cent) say that their ability to work well with people from different backgrounds and cultures is a key skill that sets them apart from older job candidates.

Ambition is prevalent and flexibility important

  • When asked what they prioritize most when looking for an employer, the majority of respondents (84 per cent) cite potential for career progression and growth.
  • This far surpasses salary (one per cent), work abroad opportunities (24 per cent) and competitive maternity and paternity leave benefits (16 per cent).
  • Flexibility is also a key priority for this generation, with 50 per cent citing this as one of their key priorities when looking for an employer.

Millennial managers are the preference

  • More than two-thirds (67 per cent) of respondents said they would prefer to have a millennial manager over a Gen X or Baby Boomer.
  • Within this, male respondents (48 per cent) said they would prefer to have a male millennial manager, while female respondents (40 per cent) would prefer a female millennial.

Job satisfaction is just as, if not more, important to Gen Z than money

  • Two-thirds of respondents (66 per cent) say that job satisfaction and financial stability are equally important.
  • More males (54 per cent) than females (42 per cent) prefer financial stability (15 per cent total).

Gen Z is confident that employers are in tune with their needs

  • The majority of respondents who say that they think they will be better off than their parents attribute this feeling toward a stronger understanding by employers around their employees’ needs (31 per cent).
  • Twenty-seven per cent say this is because flexibility is more of a priority for the incoming generation.
  • Sixteen per cent say that employers know that Gen Z will be quick to switch jobs if they grow dissatisfied.