CPA Canada's online learning environment gets a facelift

Learn about the exciting enhancement updates to Brightspace (D2L), CPA Canada's online learning environment.

On January 2, 2018, the Brightspace (D2L) will have a redesigned layout and dynamic interface that will allow users to access course content from different types of devices. These changes provide improved usability and greater access to members taking online professional development courses and students/candidates enrolled in the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) and CPA preparatory courses.

The Daylight Experience

The Daylight Experience is the new user graphical interface system for the Brightspace (D2L) platform, and here is a listing of the major enhancements:

Responsive design

Previously, D2L was only fully compatible with a desktop view; however, with this update, users are now able to access course content from their desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Information on the screen will now dynamically resize depending on the size of the viewing screen. Depending on the device used, the layout of the information will adjust to adapt to the size of the screen.  

Navigation bars

The main navigation bar has a reduced overall footprint while retaining its existing capability. For users with access to multiple courses, course selections are now available through clicking an icon rather than the drop-down list.  

Images and banners

Instead of simply identifying courses through course names in the My Courses section, images are now associated with courses. For users with access to multiple courses, this added visual identification helps to locate courses at a quick glance. Once a course is selected, the course image will be prominently displayed as a banner on the course homepage.


The homepages in the D2L consist of different widgets, which act as containers for similar pieces of information. The appearance of widgets has also undergone an update, and now no longer consists of outside borders or coloured header rows, for a cleaner uncluttered design.

Existing tools

While the appearance and layout of information will be different, the functionality of the available tools (email, quizzes, discussion boards, Dropbox folders, etc.) will not change.

Here is a comparison sample of the existing and updated new look and feel of the Daylight Experience.