CPA Canada tax update: What’s new (Spring 2017)

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Tax blogs

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Small business taxes: Get it right, from the start
Wouldn’t it be great for your small business if you knew that you were doing things right before you filed your taxes? With the Canada Revenue Agency’s Liaison Officer Initiative, you can.

How can the CRA do better?
Although the Canada Revenue Agency’s latest consultations on taxpayer services have ended, the CRA says it’s always open to ideas. Here’s what CPA Canada is recommending. What would you add?

Tax practice risk: Are you covered?
Tax issues are some of the biggest sources of risk — and litigation — for practitioners. New resources can help you benchmark and improve how you manage tax risk within your practice.

Ethics and tax: Do the right thing
Most of us want to be ethical, but the potential for rationalization and groupthink dwells in all of us. For tax practitioners, learning how to spot — and think through — ethical issues is essential.

CRA clarifies policies on query timelines and access to audit documents
What are Canada Revenue Agency’s guidelines for setting deadlines for audit query replies and providing access to audit documentation? These are just two issues for practitioners examined by the CRA-CPA Canada Compliance Committee.  

Professional news and media

Taxpayer confidentiality vs. CRA audit needs
The Federal Court of Appeal has decided that the Canada Revenue Agency does not have the unrestricted right to ask taxpayers for their tax accrual working papers. Learn about this important decision concerning BP Canada.

FAQs: T-slip turnaround for auto-fill my return
For practitioners, the Canada Revenue Agency’s Auto-fill my return service offers a quick way to populate a client’s 2016 and 2015 tax returns with tax slip information. How quickly is this data available?

Changes to CRA online services for tax practitioners
As a busy CPA, you understand the value of foresight. Start preparing now for changes to CRA online services for 2017 so you can better serve your clients, increase efficiency and streamline submissions.

Cameco: Landmark transfer pricing case begins
With $2.2 billion in estimated taxes at stake, a hearing before the tax courts is shaping up to be a landmark transfer pricing case. An article from Richter LLP, featured in BNA International, explains.

Batten down the hatches. It’s tax time
You’re in the eye of the storm amid a swirl of slips, forms and receipts. Chart your way through tax-time turbulence with these updates and resources.

Tax thought leadership roundup (Winter 2017)
Keep up with the latest thinking on tax from CPAs in Canada with our roundup of new tax-related alerts, articles, guides, apps and thought leadership releases.

Professional development in taxation

T1 e-service enhancements and e-modernization updates (on-demand event)
CPA Canada and the CRA co-hosted this free, one-hour webinar to present continuous improvements to the design and delivery of services that enhance the taxpayer and tax preparer experience, minimize the administrative burden and facilitate the migration to electronic services.

Safe income: New risks for inter-corporate dividends (on-demand event)
New tax rules for calculating safe income can trigger unexpected capital gains tax on inter-corporate dividends. Find out which transactions might be affected and how you can protect your clients from unexpected taxes.

Practitioner’s pulse (March 2017) (on demand event)
This webinar discusses changes to ASPE and potential amendments to accounting standards for NFPOs, new assurance standards, tax issues on relationship breakdown and potential liability associated with Notice to Readers.

The best of the 2016 commodity tax symposium west (on-demand event)
The best of the 2016 Commodity Tax Symposium West is a bundled series that includes seven sessions focusing on the most important indirect tax issues facing Western Canadian businesses.

More professional development tax courses.

Tax resources

Are you ready? Get the right tax resources to keep your competitive edge
Tax season is a busy time of year for financial professionals. Make sure you’re ready with CPA Canada’s library of tax resources, designed to provide practical guidance to help you optimize time and productivity.

CPA Canada’s 2017 federal budget brief
How does Canada’s 2017 federal budget stack up? Find expert opinion and commentary in CPA Canada's budget brief.

CPA Canada’s federal budget commentary: Insightful analysis of the federal budget
CPA Canada’s federal budget commentary for 2017 provides in-depth analysis of changes to business, taxation and other measures addressed in the federal budget.

EY's Federal Income Tax Act: A print + online + eBook combo
Annotated and indexed, EY’s smart consolidation of the Canadian Income Tax Act is the reference tool you need. The print book includes access to our updated and searchable online Act, which can easily connect you to additional resources.

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