The right skills for the future of business and accounting

Continuing education is essential for professional accountants. Keep your skills sharp and explore the career benefits of our skills-focused certificate programs.

Ongoing education is important for any business leader. But for accountants in particular, the value of continuing professional development goes beyond that. It’s one of the primary ways you can build public confidence and trust in your work as a CPA.


Continuing professional development (CPD) is essential to maintaining a strong and up-to-date knowledge base in business and accounting. It’s also an opportunity to help create sustainable financial success for your clients or organization, deepen your existing expertise and invest in new skills that can improve effectiveness — and increase your earnings.

The benefits of lifelong learning extend to businesses as well. If you lead an organization that employs accountants, encouraging lifelong learning attracts more top talent and boosts productivity.

In the CPA Horizons 2025 Report, which looks at the future of accounting in North America, thousands of accountants agreed that a core function of the profession should be serving as strategic, trustworthy advisors who excel at navigating change in a complex world. With the right professional development, you can keep your career moving forward and help others.


To stay agile and enhance your credibility as a business leader, consider enrolling in one of our popular skills-focused continuing education options. These certificates provide expert information and practical resources that will equip you to lead change in performance management, finance and technology across different sectors.

Certificate in Driving Organizational Profit and Performance
Online learning and in-person capstone | CPD: 40 hours
Learn how to enhance your organization’s bottom line using strategic decision-making and performance management.

Public Sector Certificate Program
Online learning and in-person capstone | CPD: 84 hours
Advance your career in government with this targeted training program on public sector accounting and finance.

Excel Certificate Program
Online learning | CPD: 29 hours
Discover the fundamental information and tools you need to master data analysis and technical spreadsheets in Excel.