Oh Canada, we’re so #CPAproud of you

CPA Canada and Canadian CPAs celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary and tell us why they are #CPAproud.

Members share #CPAproud moments

Millions of Canadians will celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday on July 1, joining the nation as it commemorates its sesquicentennial. CPA Canada asked its members why they are proud to be a Canadian CPA.

“When I mention I’m a CPA, right away I see a shift in how a person reacts to me, showing me the trust and respect they have for the profession and in my abilities as a CPA,” says CPA Canada member Jeany Shipley from Victoria, B.C. “This is a profession known for its ethics, integrity and breadth of knowledge. It fills me with great pride.”

Submissions poured in from members across the country and the sentiments they contain are heartfelt. Some comments describe the pride members feel in working as CPAs and making an impact on Canada’s growing economy. Others appreciate a profession that has given back to them time and again. Still others say the CPA designation has had a profound impact on their children’s career choice – many choosing the designation to follow in their parent’s footsteps and gain the fulfillment their CPA parents enjoy.

Rainbow maple leaf, Canada 150 logo“We have much to celebrate. Our history is where this country’s solid foundation of values was firmly established, paving the way for greater prominence and compassionate prosperity,” says CPA Canada president and CEO, Joy Thomas.

CPAs are leaders, drivers and enablers of change. They are relied upon to keep organizations ahead of the curve. The CPA profession also plays an active role in shaping fiscal policy and financial best practices, and looks to the strength of its members to guide and influence knowledge areas ranging from big data to climate change.

Building a strong foundation

“Our country’s history is embedded with the Canadian ideal of good business, which recognizes the important roles that both economic growth and social benefit play in creating a healthy and thriving country,” says Thomas. “It is an ideal we are proud of and work hard to enable, champion and safeguard.”

What is the Canadian ideal of good business? It is a passionate yet practical commitment driven by CPA values and our CPA Code of Professional Conduct. This commitment champions and enables economic growth that also supports social development over the long-term. It is a desire, as Canadians, to make the world a better place.

“This powerful and distinctively Canadian ideal is a deep and meaningful part of who we are as a nation,” says Thomas. “It is also at the heart of what makes the CPA profession and our membership so unique, so important, and so needed in this increasingly globalized economy.”

CPA Canada has accomplished much, but there is always more to do.

“In order to achieve our vision as the pre-eminent, globally respected business designation, we must continue to promote the CPA designation,” concludes Thomas. “But [we must] also educate and inspire others to embrace the Canadian ideal of good business.”

That’s an ideal worth sharing with the world.

For an inspiring video that not only celebrates CPAs and what they do, but also Canada, watch what members have to say.

Profiles of proud Canadian CPAs are featured in the Professional Matters section of the July/August 2017 issue of CPA Magazine.

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