The millennial economy

Explore how the millennial mindset is impacted by the harsh economic realities of the Great Recession — making them politically independent, economically pessimistic and skeptical of traditional institutions.

This national survey of 1,200 millennials sought their views on a variety of issues related to the economy, education, (U.S.) institutions, and the challenges they continue to face. The report helps answer the question of how businesses and policymakers can help this generation thrive.

Key findings:

  • Millennials value education and hard work, and they’re willing to make sacrifices to get ahead, but coming of age during an historic economic downturn has severely impacted their lives.
  • They will be the most educated generation in history, but millennials are not convinced that higher education will provide them with the same path to prosperity that it guaranteed earlier generations.
  • Millennials admire entrepreneurs and would consider starting a business if they had the financial means.
  • Conditioned and also shaken by the economic conditions when they entered the job market, millennials are risk-averse and conservative in their career choices.
  • This generation is skeptical of the establishment, putting very little confidence in institutions.
  • Millennials are largely comfortable with their own tax burden, but they remain concerned about fairness in the tax system.
  • Many millennials want an investment and growth strategy from policymakers that can help improve their lot.