Post-CPA specialty credentials for a global career

The right post-CPA certification can help you develop specialized expertise to lead corporate innovation and safeguard resources for international organizations. Are you ready to go global?

Earning a specialty credential is one of the most effective ways to highlight your expertise and stand out in the marketplace as a CPA. But it’s also more than that. When you develop focused skills in a niche area, you connect your existing business and accounting knowledge to the needs of an increasingly globalized workforce.


CPAs are key to the successful navigation of complexity and digital transformation across sectors. In particular, specialized accounting services like financial forensics and cybersecurity are gaining attention on the international stage.

The demand for CPAs and financial leaders with a global mindset is now higher than ever thanks to frequently updated international accounting standards, new economic and trade agreements that facilitate career mobility for Canadians (such as CETA) and the introduction of rigorous OECD frameworks to tackle concerns about base erosion and profit shifting.

Different countries, industries and sectors also have unique issues that specialized accounting knowledge and cross-border expertise can support, mitigate or resolve.


The right post-CPA certification – like becoming Certified in Financial Forensics or a Certified Information Technology Professional – arms you with the recognition and specialized skills required to lead corporate innovation and safeguard resources for international organizations.

It’s also a great opportunity to make your mark globally. You can influence decisions beyond the Canadian border and increase your career potential with the flexibility of a digital nomad. CPAs who are keen to move abroad, boost credibility with international clients and work in foreign markets can benefit by focusing on:

  • developing and implementing strong corporate reporting systems
  • offering consultation and financial advice on scaling up organizations
  • introducing more ethical and transparent auditing practices
  • using data analytics to prevent fraud and increase IT security
  • leading performance management initiatives for global businesses

Take the next step to an international career and enhance your professional development with the CFF or CITP. Both post-CPA specialty credentials are jointly presented by CPA Canada and AICPA. 

CPAs who pursue the CFF or CITP will also receive exclusive access to tools, resources and mentorship opportunities in their field, as well as the chance to continue learning and network with other dedicated professionals across the world who share similar interests and practice areas.