Changes to CRA online services for tax practitioners

As a busy CPA, you understand the value of foresight. Start preparing now for changes to CRA online services for 2017 so you can better serve your clients, increase efficiency and streamline submissions.

Business is always evolving, and so are Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) services for tax practitioners. This year, there are several improvements that are changing the way CPAs can serve their clients or business during tax season.

These changes are designed to modernize the CRA’s online system and enhance related services for the tax preparer and taxpayer alike. Our shared goal with the CRA is to support measures that reduce the administrative burden of filing income taxes and encourage the ongoing migration of information to digital formats.


The most noteworthy changes can be divided into two main categories – new services and enhanced services.

New services:

  • Express NOA: Receive your client’s instant assessment result immediately after filing their return electronically and get their Notice of Assessment in participating EFILE certified tax preparation software the next day. Tax preparers must meet several requirements to access this service, including CRA credentials, a valid T1013 on file and Part C of Form T183.
  • ReFILE: A new functionality for the EFILE system that allows representatives to adjust this year’s or last year’s tax return.
  • Pre-authorized debit for EFILE: You can now transmit direct debit details on behalf of your client via the EFILE system.
  • List of notices issued in Represent a Client: Access a list of clients’ names, along with the type of notice, date issued and whether the tax return has been assessed as filed or with changes.

Enhanced services:

  • New information available for online mail: Taxpayers will be notified by email when there are new messages to view for their account. In addition to NOAs, this will also include benefits notices and slips, as well as installment reminders. Available by email registration when filing a tax return, by signing up online or using the MyCRA mobile app.
  • Improved user experience for Auto-Fill My Return: Take advantage of extended log-in sessions, newly available tax slips and using the service for 2016 and 2015 tax returns.


As a CPA, you understand the value of foresight, and you know that knowledge is power. Preparing now, in advance of these impending changes, will allow you to best evaluate how to improve processes for your clients and increase efficiency.

In collaboration with the CRA, CPA Canada is hosting a live interactive session next month to facilitate discussion about the opportunities and issues associated with these changes. Working together, we can ensure that tax preparation is a less onerous, more productive experience for everyone involved.

Learn more about these changes and get a jumpstart on the 2017 tax season in this upcoming professional development offering with bilingual options available:

T1 E-Service Enhancements and E-Modernization Updates
Webinar | CPD: 1 hour
English: March 7, 2017 | French: March 14, 2017