Lifelong learning in tax 2017-2018

Boost your knowledge and keep your career moving forward with CPA Canada’s unparalleled options for tax education and resources.

The Canadian tax landscape is constantly shifting with updates to legislation, regulation and administration. Lifelong Learning in Tax can help you stay informed and confidently face those changes to better serve your clients or organization.

Along with our latest tax education portfolio of online learning, in-person courses and conferences, this year’s edition of Lifelong Learning in Tax also includes a comprehensive overview of CPA Canada’s top tax publications, resources, committees, volunteer work and teaching opportunities.

From fundamental concepts to advanced focus areas, the Lifelong Learning in Tax curriculum features a balance of intellectual rigor and practical business application, designed for general practitioners and tax specialists at every level and career stage.

Take your tax knowledge and skills to the next level and explore our offerings for 2017 and 2018.

Lifelong Learning in Tax 2017-2018
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