The workplace and health

Gain insights into the experiences, issues and challenges of adults in the U.S. who answer key questions related to health in the workplace.

This report from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health indicates that a considerable share of working adults believe their current job affects their overall health, family life, social life, stress level, weight, eating habits and sleeping habits.

Key findings:

  • Overall, the majority say their workplace provides a healthy environment, most say their workplace is supportive of them staking steps to improve their personal health, and about half say their workplace offers formal wellness or health improvement programs to help keep employees healthy.
  • Almost half of all working adults give their workplace only fair or poor ratings in its efforts to reduce their stress.
  • Two-thirds say they often or sometimes work overtime or on the weekends, and about one in five say they work 50 or more hours per week in their main job.
  • Less than half of all workers who receive paid vacation days have used all or most of the days in the past year.
  • A majority (55 per cent) of working adults say they still go to work when they are sick.