This global research study shows that while 64 per cent of businesses regard email as a major cyber-security threat to their business, 65 per cent don’t feel fully equipped to defend themselves against these attacks.

How do we reduce complexity in the tax system? Some think a flat tax is the answer. But is it really? Or is this more a matter of “be careful what you wish for”?

Keep up with the latest thinking on tax from CPAs in Canada with our regular roundup of tax-related alerts, articles, white papers and thought leadership releases.

CPAs are on the rise as senior executives in the not-for-profit sector. It's because they make financially and socially astute leaders, leveraging their knowledge to streamline operations, skilfully manage limited resources and embrace accountability.

Learn why cyber breaches and insider threats, which include malicious insiders stealing, manipulating or destroying data, are the fastest-growing risks driving investment in forensic data analytics.

On April 1, 2016, Joy Thomas will take over as president and CEO of CPA Canada, the world’s fifth-largest accounting body. Joy chats about the job, her expectations, and her plans to take the profession into the future. She also invites you to send in questions.

Retirement is something we all dream of. But just thinking about getting to this stage can cause anxiety for those who are less than prepared. Most of us plan to save, but sometimes life just gets in the way.

International Women’s Day marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. CPA Canada’s Women’s Leadership Council celebrates the day and weighs in on the work that’s still needed.

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