In-Depth Tax Course — what's new for students, faculty and grads?

Find out the latest information about the In-Depth Tax Course with updates and new opportunities for students, faculty and graduates.

For nearly four decades, the In-Depth Tax Course has delivered foundational tax training to professionals across Canada. Originally devised as a means for national accounting firms to pool resources and deliver uniform training, the program has since expanded to meet the needs of professionals in legal firms, corporate Canada and regulatory and government agencies as well.

The program has undergone continual improvement over the years while staying true to three core features: it’s taught by experienced practitioners, it reinforces tax learning with small, facilitated tutorial groups and it’s employer-sponsored.


CPA Canada is laying groundwork for the In-Depth program’s next evolution. After a wide-ranging review of strategies to boost the program’s benefits for new tax practitioners and their employers, we’re shifting to an outcomes-based approach that focuses on developing critical tax skills to ensure students are job-ready.

Read our recent post on the Tax Blog to find out more about the redesign and how you can provide feedback.


Registration for the fall 2016 offering of the In-Depth Tax Course opens July 6, 2016 and closes August 31, 2016. Year 1 is comprised of:

  • Orientation, Research and Communications (ORC), a two-day module which features hands-on sessions that introduce a foundational framework for conducting tax research and interpreting tax law
  • Group Study 1, which covers ethics for tax practitioners and special topics related to individual and business taxation and capital gains

Enrollment options for the seven-day in-residence component of Year 1 will be announced at a later date.

To find out more, visit the In-Depth Tax Course overview page.


CPA Canada is seeking motivated people who have a passion for education to be Group Study Leaders for the 2016 to 2017 offering of Group Study 1. Whether you are with a national organization, a smaller CPA firm or otherwise work full-time in tax, we encourage you to consider participating.

As a Group Study Leader, you will open minds to the world of tax practice, enrich your own knowledge and engage in a challenging and rewarding experience. Many Group Study Leaders go on to assume different roles in the program, whether as lecturers or tutorial leaders

If you are an employee at one of the national accounting firms, contact your firm's Tax Learning and Development Leader. If you are working elsewhere, get in touch with us at to apply.


Connect with other In-Depth Tax Course graduates and help strengthen the In-Depth Tax Course alumni community. To kick off the program, we’re planning a series of new regional events and activities for alumni across Canada.  

Join fellow In-Depth graduates along with new cohorts from the program to network, learn and hear the latest insights from guest speakers working in tax.

Attendees will also have the chance to provide input on future alumni activities at one of four receptions to be held in conjunction with this year’s Orientation, Research and Communications module, scheduled for these dates:

  • Montreal: September 29, 2016
  • Vancouver: October 6, 2016
  • Toronto: October 19, 2016
  • Calgary: October 24, 2016

To find out more about these events or get involved with the alumni planning committee, contact Sheri Price at