Immigration nation and the role of CPAs

Immigrants drive our economy, help bridge the demographic gap and will play an important role in the accounting profession’s future. CPA Magazine investigates the issue.

This year, Canada will throw open its doors to more immigrants than ever. 305,000 new Canadians will make a fresh start, enter the workforce and play a significant role in shaping this country’s future.

CPAs can help immigrants adapt and CPA Magazine explores their story in a special Immigration Issue [PDF]. Many professional accountants have gone through reaccreditation, and many more will do so as Canada attempts to bridge the demographic gap caused by an aging population.

The big leap

The quest for a better life in a new country rarely comes without a few hitches and hurdles. Four CPAs tell their humbling stories of starting over in a new country.

Immigration consulting, the CPA way

CPAs can help newcomers — and even more established immigrants — answer the many financial questions that arise when people come to this country.

Culture code

There’s a secret language spoken inside every Canadian business. For internationally trained accountants, this language can be a barrier to getting into and advancing in a job. CPA Canada's new guide addresses the issue.

Boon or bust?

Immigrants who work and pay taxes might fix our budget woes and mitigate the effects
of an aging population. But what are the costs of doing so?

Getting in from outside

The transition into Canadian accounting varies for immigrant accountants, depending on their credentials and designations. CPA Canada has programs and agreements to assist their transition.

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