The importance of business ethics for CPAs

As a CPA, you have many ethical responsibilities and challenges to navigate in your day-to-day business activities. Enhance your knowledge with an online course that explores the complexities of twenty-first century corporate ethics.

In a growing age of transparency, ethics matter. Ethics also present an opportunity for CPAs to uphold the Canadian ideal of good business – where financial sustainability and economic growth are equal goals, and acting with integrity and the bottom line are not mutually exclusive.


Most business successes are built on the foundation of trust from customers, clients and the marketplace. Unethical behavior can erode this, whether it’s aggressive tax avoidance or other missteps that cause harm and ignite controversies in the profession.

Acting with public interest in mind is at the core of the “CPA Way.” As CPAs, you are accountable to this mission under the CPA Code of Professional Conduct, which exceeds international standards set by the Ethics Standards Board for Accountants.

If you want to learn more about how to meet your ethical responsibilities in day-to-day business activities, an online course or webinar can help enhance your knowledge of professional ethics.


Our continuing education courses include several options that explore the complexities of twenty-first century corporate ethics. Consider registering for one of these popular online offerings:

Applied Ethics in a Professional Setting
On-Demand | CPD: 4 hours
Discover why applied ethics must extend beyond the letter of the law, which only establishes the minimum standard for acceptable behaviour, and learn how to make better strategic decisions as a financial leader at work.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics
On-Demand | CPD: 4 hours
Examine the latest shift in corporate ethics, which now compels executives to abandon a one-dimensional measurement of financial profit and take an approach that accounts for the environment, social responsibility and a wide range of stakeholders.

Ethics 24/7 for CPAs
On-Demand | CPD: 4 hours
Become a more ethical leader in today’s diverse business environment with effective strategies and tools for ethical decision-making as a CPA. This course also includes case studies from public practice, industry, government and the not-for-profit sector.

Ethics for the Tax Practitioner
On-Demand | CPD: 4 hours
Get to know the state of ethics in the Canadian tax profession and learn how to apply key concepts to your work as a professional accountant. You’ll also have the chance to hear from a diverse group of tax practitioners about their experiences with accounting ethics.

Professional Ethics: Current Challenges, Underlying Values
On-Demand | CPD: Up to 4 hours
Take advantage of interactive discussion with the experts in this two-part webinar series, which uses accounting case studies to help you navigate the common ethical challenges CPAs face and appreciate the value of promoting ethical behaviour in your organization.

Professionalism and good business are dynamic and constantly evolving concepts. Keep your career moving forward in the new year with these online offerings, or discover additional professional development products that focus on ethics and bring those values to life.