Online learning to meet your 2016 CPD requirements

Continuing education is essential for professional accountants. Keep your CPA skills sharp and explore our flexible online learning options to meet your yearly CPD requirements.

For many business leaders, ongoing education is important. But for accountants in particular, the value of continuing professional development goes beyond that. It’s one of the primary ways you can build public confidence and trust in your work as a CPA.


Continuing professional development (CPD) is essential to maintaining a strong and up-to-date knowledge base in the accounting profession. It’s an opportunity to deepen your existing expertise, cultivate specialized knowledge or even navigate change in emerging practice areas, like big data analytics and climate adaptation.

The benefits of CPD extend to businesses as well. If you lead an organization that employs accountants, encouraging lifelong learning tends to attract more top talent and increase productivity.

And while you’re fine-tuning your skills in areas such as leadership and performance management, you can also easily network and meet other like-minded people in your field.

At CPA Canada, we offer a variety of distinct educational options to enhance your credibility, help you meet your annual requirement for CPD hours and advance the reputation of CPAs as strategic, trustworthy partners in business.

But life gets busy, and it can be tough to fit in those CPD hours as the year draws to a close. Maybe there isn’t a conference happening in your region, or you missed the deadline for a workshop, or you aren’t able to attend a multi-day session because of family commitments.

That’s why our online learning programs are a popular alternative.


When you register for an online course or webinar, you can customize your learning experience and earn CPD hours on the go. Online offerings are flexible, plentiful and on-demand. Consider taking one of these top picks for 2016:

Leading Organizations From a People Perspective
Learn about the value of people-focused leadership in this online course, which encourages self-reflection and strategic planning for senior management.
On-Demand | CPD: 4 hours

Excel Certificate Program
Get to know the fundamental information and tools you need to master Excel spreadsheets with ten different topical options.
On-Demand | CPD: Up to 29 hours

Introduction to Cybersecurity for CPAs
Explore the key concepts of cybersecurity, including how to develop a winning business strategy that mitigates digital risk and improves the bottom line.
On-Demand | CPD: 5 hours

Executing Performance Through Strategy Mapping
Take your organization’s performance to the next level by creating concrete plans that tie strategic objectives to successful KPIs.
On-Demand | CPD: 4 hours

New Insights, New Models: The Power of Big Data and Analytics
Discover how you can use big data to reduce information overload, identify meaningful insights and make better business decisions.
On-Demand | CPD: 2 hours

2017 is just around the corner, so keep your career moving forward and be sure to fulfill your annual CPD requirements before year-end. Register now to take advantage of these diverse online learning options and explore other products in our continuing education portfolio.