CPA Canada appearances at House of Commons and Senate committees

CPA Canada is invited to appear as a witness before committees in the House of Commons and the Senate on issues such as taxation, red tape reduction, internal trade and pre-budget consultations.

CPA Canada appears before House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance

During the Finance Committee’s annual pre-budget consultations, CPA Canada board member Greg Gallant presented our recommendations for Budget 2017, which included:

  • for the committee to launch its study of the Income Tax Act and issue a report so that Canada’s tax system can be modernized
  • strong fiscal management
  • responsible investments in infrastructure that focus on long-term sustainable goals
  • integrating internationally trained professionals in the workforce quickly
  • strengthening financial literacy
  • continually innovating and adapting so that Canada maintains its enviable quality of life

CPA Canada appears before the Senate Standing Committee on National Finance

Bruce Ball, a member of CPA Canada’s Tax Policy Committee, recently appeared before the committee on the subject of Bill C-2, An Act to amend the Income Tax Act.

Ball expressed the need for a comprehensive tax review before any additional tax measures are introduced or changed, and he highlighted three key reasons for a review:

  1. Canada’s tax system has not had a thorough review since the Royal Commission in 1966.
  2. Canada’s tax code is overly complex.
  3. There is widespread support for tax reform.

Ball also indicated that Canada needs a 21st-century tax system and saw things moving in the right direction with Finance Canada conducting a review of tax expenditures, and the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance passing a motion in 2016 to undertake a “comprehensive review of the Income Tax Act and the Canadian tax system and prepare a report.”