The Auditing and Assurance Standards Oversight Council (AASOC) and the public interest

All of Canada’s accounting and auditing boards and oversight councils operate in the public interest. But, what exactly does this mean? Learn about what public interest means to AASOC.

AASOC’s Terms of Reference state that its mission is “to serve the public interest by overseeing and providing input to the development of auditing, assurance and independence standards in Canada.”

The public interest: A complex concept

What constitutes the public interest might seem obvious, but AASOC realized the meaning may not be consistently interpreted. It is a complex concept and very difficult to define. This new paper aims to expand upon what that interest means to AASOC in overseeing the standard-setting process. The public interest permeates everything that AASOC does and is considered in every situation that it faces in its oversight role.

But, the public interest is often different depending on circumstances. As a result, AASOC does not have a short definition for the public interest; instead, it has a series of considerations.

It’s a judgment call

Sometimes ensuring the public interest is served is straightforward and sometimes it’s much more complex.

What AASOC ultimately finds is that determining if the public interest is being served is truly a judgment call.

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