From TV to superboards: CPAs are the “right fit for business”

This fall you’ll be seeing blue everywhere. CPA’s brand campaign lands on billboards, the web and TV with a very apt message: CPAs are “the right fit for business.”

CPA’s third annual public awareness campaign starts this month. Running throughout the fall and then from January until March, it tells Canadians how pivotal Chartered Professional Accountants are to business. The blue-themed campaign includes ads on TV, the web and billboards in airports and other high-traffic areas. There are also special TV spots.


Remember last year? Using a distinctive blue rectangle as a backdrop, CPA’s campaign engaged the minds of the business community and the public to fill in missing letters or phrases with the word “pro” to convey the message about the many professional attributes provided by CPAs.

The blue motif is back. But now that blue is used in the shape of puzzle pieces that show how CPAs put together essential business concepts, such as “strategy” and “vision.” The tagline is “the right fit for business.”

“The CPA ‘pro’ campaign has done a stellar job over the past two years of raising awareness of the unique Canadian CPA and aligning it with all the attributes of a business professional,” says Heather Whyte, vice-president, Strategic Communications, Branding and Public Affairs, CPA Canada. “This year’s campaign evolves the professional concept by focusing on the benefits that CPAs bring to business.”


TV is getting a big push this year: 30-second spots will show across the country on major networks and specialty channels. If you’re watching hockey, your favourite sitcom or the news (ads will air during CBC’s The National), you’re going to see blue.

There’s also something new. During commercial breaks of Dragon’s Den and Tout le monde en parle, CPA Canada will air miniature, unscripted spots using real CPAs. On Dragon’s Den, a pro will comment on the pitch and tell viewers “what a CPA would do.” For Tout le monde en parle breaks, a panel of CPAs will comment on the issues brought up during the show.

Take a deeper look: Check back here on Sept. 15 to view this year’s TV ad. Come October, visit Dragon’s Den and Tout le monde en parle to see the CPA sponsored content that runs with the spots.


You can’t miss this year’s ad campaign if you’re travelling by road or air. Billboards and superboards will be along roadsides in large Canadian cities. And the Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Halifax airports will be swathed in blue this fall and winter.

Take a deeper look: When you’re travelling, look up!


Print readers of the Financial Post, Report on Business, Canadian Business, Maclean’s, Advantage, Les Affaires and L’actualité will see full-page print ads this fall and winter.

Online, Google, LinkedIn,,, and will feature banner ads that include moving GIFs. (The puzzle pieces actually move to fit together.) CPA will also take over some of these sites; blue puzzle pieces and CPA messages will wrap around the home page for a day.

Take a deeper look: Starting mid-September, keep an eye on what you’re reading.


This year’s campaign should educate a lot of Canadians about the real work CPAs do. But the message will be a whole lot stronger if you get on social media and share links and your thoughts. That’ll really connect the puzzle pieces!

Take a deeper look: We’ll share elements of the CPA campaign on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Go online to be part of the conversation.

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