3 ways to kickstart your brain after summer

The kids are back at school. The inaugural group of CPA candidates is preparing for the first-ever Common Final Examination. For everyone else, it’s time to clear away the summer cobwebs and amp up professional development.

The shorter and cooler days ahead will make it easier to retreat inside to sharpen skills and beef up knowledge. Here’s how to ensure you’re in the know. Bonus: You can pick up CPD hours.

1. Watch a webinar

If you couldn’t find time this summer to take in a webinar, now’s good! Turn on your computer, tablet or smartphone and glean some knowledge.

Perks: Webinars let you connect with other participants and engage directly with the presenter in an interactive setting. You can use group chat, Q&A and feedback tools. If you miss a live event, you can tune in later to an on-demand session. CPA Canada’s top webinars have more than 15,000 registrations.

Coming this fall:

See our full list of webinars here.

2. Take a course

If you’re craving person-to-person or more in-depth study, then a course might be the thing for you. Courses range from a few hours to a week in length and are offered online and across the country.

Perks: CPA Canada offers certificate programs and online and video courses on most every topic in the CPA Competency Map. Interested in audits and assurance? Business ethics? We have it all.

Coming this fall:

See our full list of courses here.

3. Attend a conference

Book your hotel room now: September is conference month! You can select a conference according to interest (I say tax, you say leadership!) or location (who isn’t intrigued by a conference in Bermuda?).

Perks: Conference halls buzz with a unique energy when industry professionals and peers gather together. You expand your knowledge and build your technical, leadership and management skills. You also catch up on the latest trends and meet new colleagues.

Coming this fall:

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Mara Gulens
Editor, Member News