PD and Events Guide: A personalized resource to boost your career

CPA Canada’s new bi-weekly enewsletter highlights conferences, courses, elearning and events that are customized to match your interests and enhance your professional development.


Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) has a rich selection of learning products and events to help advance your career. However, sifting through the myriad of opportunities to get to what is most relevant to you takes up valuable time and energy. The new PD and Events Guide is a companion to Member News, and consolidates all information pertaining to professional development into one enewsletter that you receive bi-weekly. The best part is that this information is filtered according to your interests and needs. The guide is streamlined to address your specific learning goals and takes you where you want to go.


Simply tell us your communication preferences and receive the latest news on upcoming conferences, courses, elearning and events only in the topical areas you’ve specified. For example, you can choose a core topic area such as financial and non-financial reporting, audit and assurance, taxation, or leadership and management. You can then filter out information related to this core area — for example, you may be interested in taxation, but not in personal tax. You can also specify which type of email communication you wish to receive and which events you want to be notified about.

Follow these quick and easy steps to select your preferences:

  • go to the My Account section to log in or create an account (both members and non-members can participate)
  • in the My Interests and Subscriptions area, select the topics and ecommunication formats that interest you

Watch this helpful video for an overview of how to use CPA Canada’s preference centre.


Your customized PD and Events Guide features three main sections:

  • feature story: on the latest professional development trends; for example, read about nano-learning and how it can help you
  • personal picks: opportunities based on your attendance at a past conference or events you selected in the My Events Notification section in the preference centre
  • topics: opportunities based on the topics you’ve selected in the My Topics section in the preference centre


The PD and Events Guide notifies you of professional development opportunities in four key areas:

  • conferences: select a conference according to your interests and mingle with like-minded professionals
  • courses: want more in-depth learning? CPA Canada offers certificate programs and online courses on almost every topic in the CPA Competency Map
  • elearning: get instant access to dynamic and interactive learning platforms such as webinars, videos and online courses
  • events: hear about upcoming events in your field you won’t want to miss

An ocean of opportunities is available to enhance your professional development. Make sure you’re in the right stream by selecting your preferences and ensuring you get the content that best serves you.