CPA Canada joins global accounting bodies seeking action on climate change

Canada and other global accounting bodies are urging world leaders to use the COP21 Climate Change meeting in Paris, France, to demonstrate determination and chart a course for a low-carbon, sustainable future.

In an open letter to world leaders, the heads of accounting bodies representing accountants worldwide, asked governments to:

  1. Commit to an agreement in Paris that provides a clear signal that governments will act to achieve a low-carbon, sustainable future.
  2. Put in place a framework that sets out necessary government actions, reduces uncertainty and enables investors, businesses and others to make informed decisions that are consistent with this aim.

The accounting bodies, all part of the Prince's Accounting for Sustainability Project Accounting Bodies Network (ABN), offer the expertise and resources of their profession to help organizations integrate sustainability, including climate change, into their strategies, operations and reporting.


Climate change issues will affect some companies and industries more than others. It will create both risks and opportunities. Canada’s professional accountants can help identify those challenges and opportunities for effective business planning.

In fact, Canada’s professional accountants have long been dealing with matters relating to climate change and sustainability. CPA Canada is currently participating in a multi-year initiative, being run in conjunction with Natural Resources Canada, to help businesses and other organizations better understand and adapt to the implications of climate change.

The Paris conference offers a rare moment in time when a galvanized action to protect our economy, environment and society can be achieved. World leaders are being urged by our profession to seize the moment with bold, ambitious and thoughtful actions that will protect the global environment on which we all depend.