Have your say: AASB draft strategic plan

The chair and vice-chair of the AASB invite you to comment on the AASB’s draft strategic plan for 2016-2021. Pass this on to others you think should also weigh in.

The Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (AASB) has issued an invitation to comment on its ambitious draft strategic plan for 2016-2021. The plan represents a step-change in direction which will see the AASB increase stakeholder engagement to support the development of standards and guidance. The AASB sets standards and guidance for auditing, other assurance and related services in Canada. As part of this, the AASB intends to continue to adopt International Standards on Auditing as Canadian Auditing Standards.

The plan sets out strategies and actions that the AASB will take to ensure that its globally respected Canadian standard-setting capability evolves in response to emerging domestic and global developments. This will support the AASB’s objective of continuing to set standards that will meet the needs of Canadian stakeholders and will be in the Canadian public interest.


A draft of the strategic plan is available for public comment and includes questions to obtain further information, which will be considered before the AASB finalizes the strategic plan. Give the AASB your thoughts and viewpoints to help shape the AASB’s new strategic plan. Encourage others to participate in the conversation.

Cathy MacGregor, CPA, CA is chair and Darrell Jensen, CPA, CA is vice-chair of the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board

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