Five apps young CPAs should know about

As a young accountant, you are under constant pressure to keep costs low, market your services and stay in touch wherever you are. Learn how these apps can help you achieve all three.

CPAs who are not as mobile as their clients may appear unconnected or even unprofessional. The AICPA lists five apps that can help make life easier and improve your efficiency at work.


Gives you the ability to use your tablet as a second monitor — an option far more practical than carrying around a monitor.


Every time you use your device to perform a given task, you can have IFTTT (if this, then that) automatically perform a related task.

Podcast Addict

This app can be personalized to a listener’s preference and includes speed control, which can save much-needed time by speeding up the pace of a recording.


This app helps to implement a system for completing tasks and staying organized.


This navigation tool helps to locate clients and allows you to arrive on time. Users can report police activity, accidents or traffic and the app updates its maps accordingly.