Top 5 reasons volunteering gives you a professional edge

Celebrate CPA Canada’s first annual volunteer month. More than 12,000 members support the organization by sitting on boards, leading committees or promoting financial literacy. Find out who volunteers, why, and how you can sign up.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of CPA Canada. They find volunteering rewarding and 89% say they would do it again.

“We could not deliver on our mandate without that volunteer spirit,” says Joy Thomas, executive vice-president, in a video created for volunteer month.

Approximately 800 CPA Canada members volunteer on 128 boards, committees, task forces and advisory groups. Others work on one-off projects such as reviewing staff-produced materials, delivering webinars and speaking at conferences and events. Volunteer opportunities are posted regularly. Let us know if you're interested!

More than 11,000 members support CPA Canada’s Financial Literacy Program. This initiative gets volunteers into the community where they talk about preparing for retirement, teaching kids about money and other topics.

To find out more about volunteering, check out our special volunteer month package.


Why do business and accounting professionals spend time and energy stepping it up for CPA Canada? Our members cite the top benefits.

1. Connect with peers
Networking and sharing experiences is the number one reason for volunteering, according to a CPA Canada survey. “Volunteers love the opportunity to be at the table with other members across the country,” says Gord Beal, vice-president, research, guidance and support.
Bonus: Volunteering with CPA Canada colleagues expands your LinkedIn connections.

2. Give back
Contributing to the profession ranks as the second most positive aspect of volunteering. Dig around our website to see the wealth of professional knowledge that CPA Canada is built on.
Bonus: Altruism makes us happier and healthier.

3. Exercise your brain
Volunteering gives you the chance to sharpen your skills. In fact, CPA Canada depends on subject matter experts with diverse backgrounds for new ideas.
Bonus: You get involved in cutting-edge issues.

4. Make a difference
Volunteering strengthens the profession, the economy and our communities. It also changes you. “What can you offer? What do you want to learn? What’s the exchange?” asks Marilyn Osborne, CPA, CA and an executive coach.
Bonus: Become a brand ambassador. Put your stamp on CPA Canada’s work and raise awareness about the profession’s value by helping spread the word.

5. Boost your career
Volunteering with CPA Canada puts you at the table with other leaders. It enhances your leadership skills and marketability.
Bonus: Opening a new door opens up further opportunities. That’s true whether you’re new to the profession, in the middle of your career or retired.

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