June seminars: Accountants and climate change

In these free June seminars, you will learn about the risks and opportunities of a changing climate and the role accountants can play.

A changing climate gives rise to a variety of business issues including operational, financial and legal obligations. Professional accountants have a critical role to play in how organizations respond in:

  • managing risk
  • identifying and seizing opportunity
  • creating a more resilient organization

These free, morning sessions provide expert perspectives on how you can help your organizations proactively manage for the effects of a changing climate. Learn from Cathy Cobey (EY), Rachel Guthrie (TD Bank Group), Cathy McLay (Translink), Jennifer Ash (Frontiers North Adventures) and others about:

  • what a changing climate looks like
  • the impact of climate change on organizations
  • how to help organizations plan for and adapt to these impacts

These seminars will be held in Toronto on June 16 and in Vancouver on June 19.