Best of 2015: CPA Canada’s top clicks, likes and shares

Tips on surviving tax time. Pointers on embracing change. Here are some of the year’s most engaging stories, webinars and social media posts.

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To celebrate one year of publishing, we’ve sifted through Member News and CPA Canada analytics to highlight some of what you liked best. Read on to see what’s in our first end-of-year review!


CPA Canada Top Member News Articles 2016


1. Tax-time survival guide
Whether you’re busy preparing income tax returns or coping with workplace madness, you can beat tax-time chaos with these sanity-saving tips.

2. Here’s the future of work
Our new reality is fast, disruptive and constantly shifting. What made you successful could now kill you. Are you ready to reimagine the way you work?

3. Top 5 reasons volunteering gives you a professional edge
Volunteers are the lifeblood of CPA Canada. They find volunteering rewarding, and 89 per cent say they would volunteer again.


Leadership and management webinars hit a chord: more than 15,000 people registered for each of the top three presentations. Providing practical tools for both business and personal lives, these webinars were rated good or very good by up to 95 per cent of participants. If you missed any, you can watch these webinars anytime.

Emotional Intelligence

Embracing Change You Didn’t Ask For

Developing a Positive and Successful Mindset


CPA Canada TV Spot Commercial showing two connected puzzle pieces with Professional The right fit for business written on them.


After getting almost 200,000 views, the new 30-second CPA TV spot continues to attract thousands of eyeballs. Launched as part of CPA’s third annual brand campaign, the ad is part of a larger blue-box-themed campaign that includes ads on the web and billboards in airports and other high-traffic areas.
Watch the video here.


CPA Canada Top Facebook Likes 2015


Our GIF tying José Bautista’s bat flip to CPA team camaraderie was hugely popular. So was a shared article on the appeal of accounting to millennials. Not surprisingly, Facebook was a great space to set the record straight about a CBC story


2015 CPA Canada Twitter Feed about Kristine Stewart's new book Our Turn.  

Moving fast, Twitter is a great way to discover what’s top of mind in the CPA community. Bell’s Let’s Talk day, highlighting mental health awareness, was the most retweeted post of the year. Tweets about CPA Canada’s climate change initiatives and women in leadership roles also scored high.


CPA Canada Top Linkedin Posts 2015


Given their professional nature, the most popular posts on LinkedIn were related to top courses and conferences. These included the In-Depth Tax Course, which saw a record high in first-year registrations, and the newly launched Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF ) program.

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