Growing the digital business: Accenture mobility research study

Receive insights into key digital trends from the findings of a recent study by Accenture.

Accenture recently released a report highlighting key findings on the latest digital trends.

Key findings:

  • executives are more likely to expect digital technologies to help deliver growth-oriented benefits — such as creating new revenue opportunities and supporting better customer engagement — than efficiency
  • 70 per cent of executives said that digital technologies have greater potential for transformation when implemented together rather than individually
  • analytics has overtaken mobile as the digital technology commanding the most attention from companies
  • there’s a potential link between digital adoption and profitability
  • companies rating themselves as more profitable than competitors also appear to expect more out of digital technologies and to be further ahead in their digital transformation
  • security concerns are cited as the most common reason for holding back broader deployment of digital technologies in many companies
  • other challenges include keeping current with technology, resource constraints, technical integration issues and the fact that most companies’ approach to digital is not unified