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The latest news on the CPA designation from Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada’s) Hong Kong chapter, plus chapter updates, membership notices and more.

Latest news

2017 CPD requirements

The 2017 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) year is drawing to an end. We wish to remind you that by December 31, 2017, you are required to meet your 2017 CPD requirements as set out below, unless a CPD exemption/reduction applies to you.

The usual minimum CPD requirements are:

  • 20 hours of CPD annually, at least 10 of which are verifiable
  • in a three-year cycle, 120 hours of CPD, at least 60 of which are verifiable (including four hours of learning about business ethics)

Ethics CPD specifically addresses business ethics matters that are relevant and appropriate to the member.

  • for members registered with CPA British Columbia (CPABC), this is a mandatory requirement
  • for members of other CPA provincial bodies, this is strongly recommended
  • for guidance, please refer to CPABC's ethics requirements 
New CPA, CGA graduates are required to complete a specific seven-hour Rules & Standards course as a condition of membership before December 31 of the first full calendar year of membership. This course may count towards the business ethics requirement for your first three-year rolling cycle.

Report your CPD

For members of CPABC, the deadline for reporting your 2017 CPD to CPABC is Wednesday, January 31, 2018. Members affiliated with other CPA provincial bodies should check with their provincial office directly for specific deadlines.

Canadian tax advisory services

We receive occasional requests from members and external parties for referral of Canadian tax advisory services. If you are interested in providing such services, please write to us with a brief introduction of your relevant credentials.

Your personal profile

Please ensure that your personal profile with CPA Canada is current and complete. Please contact your provincial CPA body to update the details in your profile.

From time to time, CPA Canada will send you information that may pertain to your specific interests and needs. To ensure that you can take advantage of all the member benefits, it is crucial that your profile is updated regularly.

About your Canadian CPA Canada designation

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) has received inquiries about the use of the Canadian CPA designation in Hong Kong. There are several matters that members must consider:

  • The use of the Canadian CPA designation is granted by a provincial CPA or legacy body. At this time, not all provincial bodies have given members the right to use the Canadian CPA designation, as provinces are in different stages of obtaining CPA provincial legislation. Members must confirm with the provincial body of which they are a member that they have the right to use the CPA designation.
  • Under the unification agreements, in those provinces where members are permitted to use the CPA designation, legacy members are required to also display their legacy designation, e.g. CPA, CA; CPA, CGA; CPA, CMA.
  • CPA Canada and the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) have discussed the use of the Canadian CPA designation in Hong Kong, where HKICPA is the statutory regulator of the Hong Kong CPA designation. Both parties agree that protection of the public interest is paramount and there must be no confusion about the origin of the CPA designation. As such, HKICPA will permit the use of the Canadian CPA designation as long as it is clear that it is the Canadian designation. The following format has been accepted by the HKICPA: CPA (Canada), CA; CPA (Canada), CGA; CPA (Canada), CMA.
  • It must be noted that the use of the CPA designation within Canada must conform with provincial requirements and therefore it would not be possible to use the CPA (Canada), CA; CPA (Canada), CGA; or CPA (Canada), CMA designations while conducting business within Canada.