CPA Canada Cayman chapter news

Find the latest news from Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada’s) Cayman chapter on the CPA designation, chapter updates, membership notices and more.

Latest news

Chapter board appointed

The Cayman chapter board has been appointed and held their inaugural meeting on October 8, 2015. Items discussed included:

  • board introductions
  • review of CPA Canada’s pre-certification program and practical experience requirements
  • the role of the chapter in supporting membership needs
  • the importance of working closely with CISPA in meeting the needs of the local accounting and business community
  • the CPA Canada mentoring program

About your Canadian CPA designation

CPA Canada has received inquiries about the use of the Canadian CPA designation in the Caribbean.

  • The use of the Canadian CPA designation is granted by a provincial CPA or legacy body. At this time, all provincial bodies have given members the right to use the Canadian CPA designation, although provinces are in different stages of obtaining CPA provincial legislation.
  • Legacy members (i.e. those members who obtained their Canadian accounting designation through CA, CGA, and/or CMA) are required to display their legacy designation alongside the CPA for a period of time as to be determined through provincial legislation. The correct format for displaying the designations is CPA first, followed by the legacy. In other words, CPA, CA; CPA, CGA; or, CPA, CMA.
  • Questions or concerns related to use of the CPA designation, membership fees, and CPD requirements should be directed to the CPA provincial body where primary membership is held.