Chartered Professional Accountants (“CPA Canada”) Financial Literacy Volunteer Waiver

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for (i) applying to become a volunteer in the CPA Canada Financial Literacy program (“Program”); (ii) acceptance by CPA Canada as a volunteer in the Program (“Volunteer”); (iii) continuing participation as a Volunteer in the Program; and (iv) conduct of a former Volunteer subsequent to his or her participation in the Program are set out below (“Terms and Conditions”):

  1. I will not use the financial literacy or other materials developed by CPA Canada for the Program for any reason other than their intended purpose as a public service, including not using such materials for my personal gain or for any commercial purpose.
  2. All financial literacy and other materials developed by CPA Canada for the Program shall remain the sole and exclusive property of CPA Canada, including ownership of the copyrights.
  3. CPA Canada may use my personal information in accordance with CPA Canada’s Privacy Policy. My contact information may be shared with my CPA designated area leader and/or provincial CPA body for the purpose of coordinating financial literacy sessions and workshops. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of this Waiver, I give my Express Consent to CPA Canada for it to be able to use and share my personal and contact information in accordance with this Section 3.
  4. I comply at the time of application to become a Volunteer in the Program, and will continue to comply during my participation in the Program with the CPA Canada Code of Conduct and Intellectual Property Rights Agreement.
  5. CPA Canada may use my image and likeness, including my picture or video recordings containing my image, and recordings of my voice for purposes of promoting the Program.
  6. I am not an employee, independent contractor, agent, partner or representative of CPA Canada. My views expressed in connection with the Program will/do not necessarily represent the views of CPA Canada.
  7. I comply with the applicable provincial legislation for persons with disabilities, including acknowledging that I comply with any required training as stipulated within the applicable provincial legislation.
  8. I understand and acknowledge that CPA Canada’s insurance plan does not extend to CPA Canada’s volunteers, including its Financial Literacy Volunteers and their agents or anyone permitted by such Volunteers to perform services on their behalf in the Program.
  9. CPA Canada accepts no liability whatsoever as a result of the information or advice provided by a Volunteer in the Program. A Volunteer shall indemnify and save harmless CPA Canada in the event of a third party claim against CPA Canada as a result of the Program, and CPA Canada shall have control of its own defence.


By (i) applying to become a Volunteer in CPA Canada’s Financial Literacy Volunteer Program (“Program”); (ii) upon being accepted by CPA Canada as a Volunteer as defined above; and (iii) throughout and subsequent to my involvement in the Program, I acknowledge that I have read, fully understand, and agree to all the Terms and Conditions above of this Waiver.