What you need to know about tax

Help new Canadians learn about the Canadian tax system and good tax practices.

Time frame:

60 min


New Canadian immigrants who want to understand the Canadian tax system.

Session outline

  • why we pay taxes
  • overview of the Canadian tax system
  • Canada Revenue Agency – what it is and what it does
  • where our tax dollars go
  • who pays taxes
  • what is taxed – Canadian and foreign
  • why file a tax return
  • preparing and filing tax returns
  • what happens after a tax return is filed
  • enrolling in the CRA “My Account” for online filing and communications
  • good tax practices
    • seek good/professional advice
    • understand tax avoidance vs. tax evasion
  • resources
  • eligible benefits that are received
  • available deductions and credits
  • Q&A

Session materials

Your session package contains the following materials that are needed to present your session.

Facilitator materials:

  • forms
    • session registration form – please submit before session
    • volunteer self-evaluation form
    • host evaluation form
  • session PowerPoint
  • facilitator’s guide
  • resource checklist

Participant handouts:

  • session PowerPoint PDF
  • document organizer worksheet
  • sample pay stub
  • sample T4
  • sample notice of assessment
  • session evaluation form

Additional materials:

  • session overview
  • invitation to host a financial literacy session
  • dealing with media
  • media advisory
  • press release


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