Adults: Are you a good financial role model?

Help participants better manage their finances and teach their kids about money.


60 min


  • importance of teaching kids about money
  • goals and challenges of teaching kids about money
  • characteristics of a good financial role model
  • ten healthy habits of financial management
  • how to set financial goals
  • resources
  • Q & A


Your session package contains the following materials that are needed to present your session.

Facilitator materials:

  • forms
    • session registration form – please submit before session
    • volunteer self-evaluation form
    • host evaluation form
  • session PowerPoint
  • facilitator’s guide
  • resource checklist

Participant handouts:

  • session PowerPoint PDF
  • goal setting worksheet
  • values validator worksheet
  • role model worksheet
  • session evaluation form

Additional materials:

  • session overview
  • session flyer
  • invitation to host a financial literacy session
  • media advisory
  • press release


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