CPA Canada and AFOA Canada partner to deliver ACAF and CAFM programs

Learn about the partnership between CPA Canada and AFOA Canada to jointly offer the Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF) and the Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager (CAFM) diploma.

Under the CPA Canada and AFOA Canada (formerly Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada) partnership, the Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF) and Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager (CAFM) programs are combined to provide an efficient means for students to obtain both credentials.

Subsequent bridging opportunities are available for students to advance their education and careers even further into a degree or to the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP)

ACAF overview

The ACAF is an undergraduate level academic program developed by CPA Canada for those aspiring to careers in accounting and finance but not as qualified CPAs. The ACAF program is made up of 11 courses: six technical courses and five applied courses, and the ACAF National Examination. Technical courses are offered by the CPA profession and post-secondary institutions (PSIs) and applied courses are offered exclusively by PSIs. The ACAF National Examination evaluates students’ understanding of the information taught in the Business Applications applied course and is administered through the provincial/regional CPA bodies.

CAFM overview

The CAFM is the preferred credential for Aboriginal financial management positions in Canada, and is granted by AFOA Canada. The CAFM Education Program comprises 14 courses as well as a Sage Accounting Software Application course. Several pathways exist for students to complete the CAFM education program and earn the diploma, one of which includes the completion of ACAF courses to earn the ACAF credential. 

Pathway to the ACAF and CAFM credentials

Starting with an accounting diploma or degree at a CPA accredited post-secondary institution (PSI), students must take a combination of courses through AFOA Canada as well as additional courses through the CPA profession and/or an accredited PSI, as follows:

  1. Complete eight or nine courses through a CPA accredited program, the CPA profession and/or AFOA Canada (depending on course offerings). These courses jointly cover several course requirements for both ACAF and CAFM.
  2. Complete two or three ACAF courses (depending on which courses were taken at the PSI):
    • Audit and Assurance
    • Ethics and Workplace Skills
    • Accounting Software Application
  3. Complete four CAFM courses through AFOA Canada:
    • CAFM 4 - Aboriginal Strategy and Decisions
    • CAFM 6 - Aboriginal History and Developments
    • CAFM 13 - Aboriginal Ethics Case Study
    • CAFM 14 - Aboriginal Human and Fiscal Issues
  4. Complete the remaining four ACAF courses:
    • Advanced Financial Reporting
    • Taxation
    • Intermediate Management Accounting
    • Business Applications
  5. Complete the ACAF National Examination and CAFM Professional Examination to earn the ACAF credential and CAFM diploma*.

*Students must also meet the two-year practical experience requirement for the CAFM diploma.

Download the ACAF-CAFM partnership factsheet.

Contact information

To register for the ACAF, contact a provincial/regional CPA body or a PSI offering accredited ACAF courses. Registration information for the CAFM can be found on the AFOA Canada website or by contacting or (613) 722-5543.