Fast-growth companies and innovation in Canada

Learn about startup culture, scaling up your organization and how to effectively navigate the challenges of C-suite financial leadership in high-growth enterprises at this special one-day event.

Startups and fast-growth companies are burgeoning across Canada, and with that comes a unique set of opportunities and challenges for CPAs. From entrepreneurial innovation fuelled by SR&ED tax incentives to capitalizing on in-demand skills as businesses grow more complex, the potential for disruption is huge.


We know it’s important for organizations to have strong leadership from CPAs with reliable financial acumen and future-focused business solutions. But what are the key steps to building capacity for startups and other quickly expanding organizations?

As the country’s most populous city, Toronto is home to almost 4,000 active tech startups and many new high-growth enterprises. There’s plenty of talent, opportunity and funding – but none of them have hit the coveted unicorn status of a billion-dollar valuation.

“What we need to do is get more like-minded people together in a single geographic area to create more robust tech communities,” says John Ruffalo, CEO of OMERS Ventures and a blue chip Toronto investor.

The right CFO could facilitate that by connecting financial insights and strategic direction.


Many prominent CPAs are already active in CFO roles, while others are well-positioned to pursue this kind of career track to the C-suite.

Recent regulatory changes to foreign venture capital in Canada are a boost for many startups, increasing competitiveness and scale. When paired with a forward-thinking CFO that understands what next generation tech companies need to grow, it’s a recipe for success.

If you are a seasoned CPA who wants to upgrade your skills, an executive at a high-growth enterprise or a CFO looking to make a move into the entrepreneurial world of startups, then the Ultra-CFO Accelerator is for you.

Coming fall 2016, this program is a new initiative jointly presented by CPA Canada, Michael Badham and Stuart Morley. It combines case study analysis with valuable networking and hands-on education at an immersive one-day event.


The Ultra-CFO Accelerator is specifically designed to help senior leaders close the alignment gap and address key issues that CFOs face in the complex startup world. The curriculum focuses on how to drive more business value and improve KPIs with a results-oriented toolkit approach to financial resources, regulatory frameworks, operations and the digital revolution.

Badham and Morley are targeting CFOs, CPAs and other experienced financial professionals that stand to benefit from peer-to-peer learning and building a community of advisors and mentors.

“There’s a need for this kind of education at the executive level,” says Badham. “It’s something senior business people are talking about.”

In addition to case studies, the Ultra-CFO Accelerator includes expert-facilitated discussions and guest speakers that explore the dynamics of high-growth enterprises, the role of CFOs who want to grow their company beyond the startup phase and best practices for dealing with founders, investors and a board of directors.  


Get the insights and tools you need as a CPA or CFO navigating the world of startups and learn more about the challenges of successful financial leadership in the C-suite with this new professional development opportunity:

Ultra-CFO Accelerator
November 29, 2016 | Toronto, ON
Sheraton Centre | CPD hours: 8


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