CPA Canada's in-depth program for income tax professionals is expanding

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, our robust tax education portfolio of in-depth courses can help enrich your tax knowledge and skills.

Core Education Path for Income Tax Professionals
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The In-Depth series of tax courses deliver the most comprehensive and context-rich tax training available on the marketplace today. Now we’re expanding our programming to include more rigorous education options for tax professionals at all levels.

We’ve also created a common three-stage pathway for income tax professionals to follow as they advance in their tax careers:


The In-Depth Tax Course offers foundational tax training for aspiring income tax professionals who are new to the area or have never had formal training. Completing this three-year program is an essential step for tax professionals seeking senior tax positions in advisory firms or corporate Canada. It uses a mix of theory, applied learning and on-the-job experience to maximize your experience, including a hands-on approach to education with experienced instructors and the latest technology.


Our intermediate tax courses are designed for professionals who have worked in income tax for several years, have a good understanding of foundational topics and want to continue expanding their knowledge to become more well-rounded Canadian tax practitioners. These courses incorporate content previously included in In-Depth Tax Course – Part 3, now revised as stand-alone learning options that focus on critical topics with an in-residence format.

Intermediate tax courses are the next step for graduates of the In-Depth Tax Course who want to continue developing their expertise. These courses deliver a nuanced understanding of complex Canadian tax topics — information that is necessary for all tax practitioners to best serve their clients or organization.


Our advanced income tax courses are suited to experienced tax professionals who already have a strong understanding of fundamental income tax concepts and want to deepen their knowledge in a specific tax area or pursue a specialized tax career. Work through complex issues, identify advantageous tax-planning opportunities and learn from some of the most accomplished tax experts in your field.

  • Advanced International Tax
  • Advanced Owner-Managed Business Taxation (coming soon)
  • Advanced Corporate Reorganizations (coming soon)

Learn more about the In-Depth series and view our full line-up of income tax offerings.


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