Climate change video scores a win

A CPA Canada video on climate change, featuring the finance team at Winnipeg-based tours company Frontiers North Adventures, won a platinum award for outstanding production.

Produced by the McLellan Group, the video is part of a series of case studies focusing on the role that professional accountants play in helping organizations respond to climate shifts. The video won a platinum award from the AVA Digital Awards, which is overseen by the U.S.-based Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

Adapting to Climate Change: Frontiers North Adventures “is a compelling video that masterfully intersects scenery and accounting,” says Ed Dalheim, director, AVA Digital Awards. “The result is an interesting, fun-to-watch and easy-to-digest overview of how numbers, modelling and on-the-ground strategic development can transform a potential business disaster into a business opportunity.”

Watch the video and check in to see our other case studies and videos on climate change.


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