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There is a growing demand for specialized accounting services in North America and abroad. Learn how you can benefit from a post-CPA specialty area credential.

PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that 37 per cent of global businesses have reported being impacted by economic crime, representing a substantial climb from 30 per cent in 2009. The rising rate partially explains the increasing need for forensic accounting services, including fraud prevention, detection and response (Source: IBIS World Report, Forensic Accounting Services in the US July 2014, p.8).

There are number of other factors that contribute to the call for specialized accounting services. Corporate reforms, rapidly changing technologies and increased globalization have made today’s business environment more complex. There is more rapid movement of capital across continents, more international trade and financial markets are becoming more integrated than ever.

A high level of competency and skill in specialized areas of business are needed to meet the needs of today’s employers and clients.

That’s where a post-CPA specialty area credential comes in. A specialty area credential after your CPA helps you stand out. It demonstrates a genuine commitment to your chosen specialty area by showing that you’ve successfully completed a demanding evaluation process — a combination of education, experience and assessment — in order to earn the additional recognition.

A credential can also mean more money. The 2015 CPA profession compensation study indicated that members who hold a CPA specialty area credential (AICPA/IFA/IT combined) earn 36 per cent more than the average CPA. In a similar study in the U.S., 66 per cent of CPAs said that holding one of the AICPA’s specialty area credentials made a positive difference in receiving job offers.

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) currently offers specialty area credentials in forensic accounting (CFF) and information technology (CITP) in collaboration with AICPA. In addition, we offer a credential incorporate finance (CF). A number of additional specialty area credentials are being considered in the areas of fair value measurement and for members in the public sector.

Stay tuned. Select “Specialty Area Credentials” in our preference centre to ensure you receive notification of upcoming opportunities.


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