Gender diversity research reveals both advancements and obstacles

Gain insights into the progress being made in improving gender equality in the workplace.

This Deloitte survey of more than 1,700 respondents was undertaken to provide insights into the progress being made in improving gender equality in the workplace.

Key findings:

  • Gender diversity must be treated as a business issue. Less than half of respondents (48 per cent) believe gender diversity is treated as a C-suite priority by their executives. This indicates progress is being made, but there is still work to be done.
  • Diversity initiatives are proving effective. Sixty-five per cent of respondents reported their organization has taken steps to improve the representation of women in senior positions. The most common initiatives put in place were:
    • flexible working (45 per cent)
    • gender diversity and inclusion targets (28 per cent)
    • maternity support (26 per cent)
    • paternity leave (26 per cent)
    • executive commitment (23 per cent)
  • Respondents’ top priorities for the advancement of women were:
    • flexible working
    • executive commitment
    • targets
    • an agreed and articulated business case for gender diversity
  • Eighty per cent of respondents believed ideas were welcomed in their organizations regardless of gender, but 40 per cent said they sometimes hold back their opinion for fear of being labelled too “bossy” or “assertive.”
  • The majority of respondents believe self-confidence (78 per cent) is more important than technical ability (22 per cent) for professional success.

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