Understanding the implications of climate change for business: Briefing

This briefing from the University of Cambridge focuses on the implications of climate change as a key resource for companies planning for the future.


  • the effect of climate change on agriculture, including reduced crop yields, and predicted food price rises by 2050
  • the potential for more energy efficient buildings to play a role in reducing emissions
  • the impact on cities of climate change, and the urgency of acting to protect people in urban areas
  • the potential for the energy sector to reduce emissions: switching to lower-carbon fuels, improving energy efficiency, and introducing carbon capture and storage
  • the disruptive impacts climate change will have on the stability of the financial system
  • the possibility of losses to global fisheries of up to $40 billion by 2050
  • how climate change acts as a “threat multiplier,” driving involuntary migration and indirectly increasing the risks of violent conflict
  • the need for additional energy supply investments of between $190-900 billion per year from now until 2050, in order to meet the 2°C target
Understanding the Implications of Climate Change for Business

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