Lifelong learning in tax: Fall/winter portfolio 2014/15

Boost your knowledge and serve your clients and organization better with CPA Canada’s unparalleled tax course offerings.

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada)’s Fall/Winter Portfolio of tax courses offers a rich selection of learning opportunities in a variety of online and in-person formats: self-study, interactive group sessions, market briefs and conferences.


Our specialized tax courses aim to help both general practitioners and seasoned tax professionals deepen their technical knowledge in complex areas:

  • For general practitioners, Income Tax Practice offers an overview of commonly faced income tax issues.
  • For tax professionals, advanced course topics build proficiency in these specialty areas:


New elearning programs allow you to learn about complex GST/HST topics from anywhere at any time:

Download the Fall/Winter Portfolio 2014/15 to find out about all available tax courses.