Working with small businesses: CPAs collaborate on CRA training

Read about ways CRA auditors and tax practitioners can work together on small business matters.

How Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) auditors and tax and accounting practitioners can collaborate on small business matters was the focus of a national technical capacity building forum presented jointly by the CRA and CPA Canada’s Small and Medium Practitioners (SMP) Committee.

Small businesses are the largest group of employers in Canada, and their owners are often unfamiliar with accounting and tax issues. The training session  highlighted the distinct difficulties this can create for their accounting and tax advisors, and for CRA auditors.

The session was based on the premise that building trust between advisors and CRA auditors through communication and transparency will ultimately lead to well-founded and responsible tax audit outcomes. The CRA and CPA presenters offered a number of suggestions on how advisors and the CRA can cooperate to help reduce errors, ease CRA information requests, and smooth the tax compliance process for small businesses.

Presenters included SMP Committee members Murray Mikulak (Mikulak & Hill LLP) and Bruce Ball (BDO Canada LLP) for the English version of the session, and André Boulais (Boulais Derrien CGA Inc.) for the French version.