Task force to chart the future of continuing tax education

Read about Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada)’s Continuing Tax Education Task Force, including its mandate and areas of focus.

Now that work on the re-design of In-Depth Tax Course is complete, CPA Canada has formed a new Continuing Tax Education Task Force to steer the development of other tax educational offerings.

Chaired by Ernst & Young tax partner Greg Boehmer and comprising representatives from industry, academia and public practice, the task force’s mandate is to design a framework for tax-related educational programs to be developed for Canadian tax practitioners who have completed the In-Depth Tax Course. 

Through focus groups, market studies and other research, the task force will develop recommendations on:

  • tax education requirements for the tax profession in Canada based on competency maps for tax specialists and non-tax specialists who need to deal with tax issues from time to time
  • a tax education model to guide the design, development and delivery of comprehensive and relevant content
  • how to make programs attractive for participants and faculty, particularly through the use of technology and new delivery mechanisms
  • how to leverage partnerships and alliances with other organizations

If you have ideas for items that you think the task force should consider, email Vivian Leung, program director for tax education.