Deloitte LLP to Finance Canada: How to promote productivity in Canada

Learn about Deloitte LLP’s Budget 2014 suggestions for the federal government regarding how to increase productivity in order to drive economic growth in Canada.

Deloitte LLP has provided its Budget 2014 policy recommendations to Finance Canada, which explain how to develop a tax ecosystem that can foster innovation and investment and help Canada be more productive and globally competitive. In this October 18, 2013 letter, the organization lays out several issues and objectives the government should consider as it formulates its tax policies.

What you will learn

Deloitte LLP’s policy recommendations for Budget 2014 fall into six broad categories:

  • encourage foreign investment by making Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credits fully refundable
  • spur a startup economy by improving financing support
  • consider introducing a patent box model
  • attract and retain the world’s most talented people
  • reconsider the anti-avoidance approach
  • enhance certainty through efficient tax administration