Improving tax administration: Tax Policy Committee meets with CRA

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada)’s Tax Policy Committee meets regularly with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) officials to discuss issues of importance to taxpayers. Read about the outcome of the May 2013 meeting.

In what has become an annual tradition, members of CPA Canada’s Tax Policy Committee explored potential solutions for improving tax administration with senior Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) officials at a half-day meeting in May 2013.

In a frank, open and collaborative atmosphere, members of both groups discussed a range of taxpayer service issues. The outcome was a series of action points for Tax Policy Committee and CRA that aim to help the agency in its mandate of running an efficient and effective self-assessing tax system.

Among other things, these action points address:

  • continuation of CRA’s Folio project to update its interpretation bulletins and other administrative guidance
  • early engagement of third-party stakeholders in consultations
  • CPA Canada’s potential assistance in training CRA auditors
  • CPA Canada’s assistance in CRA communications related to, for example, awareness of CRA’s risk-based audit approach and its scientific research and experimental development tax credit program
  • ongoing improvements to CRA’s efile program

Since the meetings, CPA Canada and CRA have made progress toward achieving many of these action points.