Tax committees strengthen the voice of Canada’s accountants

CICA is a regular contributor to discussions of tax matters affecting taxpayers.

CICA has a strong voice in policy and administration related to tax, contributing regularly to debates on matters of national importance. With three new tax committees coming on stream, there are even more opportunities to help improve Canadian tax policies and administrative practices.

Until now, CICA has supported three committees for tax advocacy: the Tax Policy Committee, Commodity Tax Committee and the CBA-CICA Joint Committee on Taxation — and two for tax education — the Income Tax Education Committee and the Tax Learning & Development Advisory Group. (See the CICA Tax Committees page for details.)

Our new tax committees are as follows.

Small & Medium Practitioner (SMP) Tax Committee

This committee acts as a resource to enable the CICA to respond to the needs of members who own or work in smaller firms by considering existing and proposed government activities in income and commodity taxation from the SMP’s point of view.

Industry Tax Committee

Comprised of senior tax executives from large Canadian businesses, this committee acts as a resource to ensure CICA considers and supports the needs of tax practitioners in industry regarding tax administration, tax policy, tax education, and tax accounting.

Tax Policy Subcommittee

This committee is composed of tax technical specialists from Canada’s largest professional services firms. Its members help shape CICA’s recommendations on tax policy issues in response to government consultations or new developments.

If you have comments on these committees or ideas on how they can better serve members and improve the Canadian tax system, email Gabe Hayos, vice president, taxation or Vivian Leung, program director for tax education.

This document was originally prepared by a legacy CPA organization.