CTC offers advice on improving CRA’s GST/HST rulings program

Public outreach, education and guidance are important ingredients for improving Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)’s GST/HST Rulings program. Learn about how Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) is involved in encouraging CRA to free up more resources.

Fostering outreach, education and guidance is one key to improving CRA’s GST/HST Rulings program. This advice is central to a recent submission by CPA Canada’s Commodity Tax Committee in response to CRA’s consultation paper GST/HST Rulings 2012 and Beyond.

The committee asserts that timely support in the issuance of rulings, interpretations and technical guidance is important for helping Canada’s tax collection agents meet complex, real-time obligations. The committee values efforts to facilitate the multiplier effect that arises through public outreach and education, especially on emerging issues. These efforts can help CRA free up more resources to provide detailed guidance sooner and in great depth.

The submission offers a range of recommendations for boosting program performance through, for example, greater use of technology, training and executive interchange.