New CRA Folio website hosts first set of updated ITs

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is updating and centralizing its income tax technical interpretations. Find a list of already completed updates, as well as those given top priority for updating.

The CRA has released the first phase of its project to update, modernize and centralize its income tax technical interpretations. The Income Tax Folio project will eventually replace all previously issued Income Tax Interpretation Bulletins (IT) and Income Tax Technical News. It will also provide a Folio Chapter history page that summarizes changes to a Folio as they occur, along with the reason for the change.

The first phase, now accessible on the CRA website, includes Folios for the following topics:

For a list of additional ITs that have been given top priority for updating, along with background on the project, read Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada)’s March 2013 article.

This document was originally prepared by a legacy CPA organization.