Budget 2013: CPA Canada’s analysis

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) provides budget-day commentary and analysis of the 2013 federal budget.

The March 21, 2013 federal budget earned a B+ rating from CICA (now CPA Canada) for its focus on balancing the books while providing targeted funding to spark economic activity.

With lingering economic uncertainty, the government’s focus remains a multi-year incremental approach to balancing the budget by 2015-16, while allowing for the funding of initiatives aimed at creating jobs and economic growth.

On the day of the budget, we set out a budget scorecard in a media release and presented a more detailed analysis in a 2013 Budget Brief. The next morning saw the release of our comprehensive Federal Budget Commentary, produced in cooperation with the Provincial Institutes/Ordre, which provided just-in-time guidance that accounting professionals could distribute their to clients.

This document was originally prepared by a legacy CPA organization. 


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