The whole kit and caboodle

Mother, CMA and seasoned traveler Cynthia Massa is the owner of Good Little Company, a new business that creates customized backpacks filled with bilingual travel activities for kids.

It was on a six-hour road trip home from Toronto to Montreal when Cynthia Massa decided it was time to commit to her concept to create a product that would make family travel prep easier than ever. After nearly 30 trips with her husband, Philippe, and their children (Mathis, 4; Sofia, 6; and Jeremy, 12), Massa knew there had to be a better way to keep all their travel-friendly distractions organized. While Mathis tore open a pack of cheap restaurant crayons in the backseat, Massa sketched the prototype of her idea: the Good Little Traveller — a backpack filled with quality bilingual activities. Ten months later, she officially launched her business (now called Good Little Company) last May, offering customized kits for three age groups for kids three to 12.


Massa, who worked as a CMA for eight years at Pepsi Co., and Philippe often travelled with Jeremy when he was a tot. (The couple travelled quite a bit when their other kids were tiny too.) They realized that the only way to survive vacations was to plan activities for the kids ahead of time. She packed dollar-store toys in a bag with snacks, but she didn’t feel truly organized. Now, the kids take their Good Little Travellers everywhere — from airports to restaurants. The backpacks open flat like binders and every item has its own compartment, so it’s easier to keep track of activities.


Massa’s accounting experience is key when it comes to managing suppliers and inventory, but she also taps into the branding and marketing skills she picked up during her time as a CMA.


“I didn’t realize the extent to which I’d use that knowledge as a business owner,” she says, adding that she is planning for the future release of two more kits: the Good Little Artist and the Good Little Explorer.


The family still vacations together, but Massa and Philippe daydream of escaping to Paris (where they got married) sans children. Last year, they managed to take their first kid-free trip since becoming parents, escaping to Las Vegas for her birthday. “We knew it had to be a place that wouldn’t be fun for the kids, or else I would have ended up taking them along!”